Don't Just Stand There, Yell Something!

Book 1 Review  

The Association of Independent Schools Term 2, 2004
Don’t Just Stand There Yell Something!
Behaviour Management Techniques for
Classroom Teachers.
Peter G. Miles (2003) McGraw Hill Australia Pty Ltd.
It is most refreshing to come across a book on
behaviour management which has been written by an
Australian teacher for Australian teachers. To his
credit, Peter Miles has managed to pull together ‘best
practice’ guidelines and practical strategies for working
with students in both primary and secondary
classrooms, which he cleverly presents in a clear,
concise and humourous format.
The book is very easy to read with clear headings,
tables, action plans and graphics which help to convey
the essence of many confronting realities of the
classroom. Each of the twenty-eight short chapters left
me reflecting on my own practice yet feeling optimistic
about bringing about change in the behaviour of others.
The authors ability to seemingly avoid reference to
theory yet meld the contributions of many theorists
with the works of renowned overseas behaviourists
such as William Glasser, Hill Walker, Jim Kauffman,
with our own local forgers such as Bill Rogers, Ken
Rigby, Christine Richmond and Phillip Slee is a true
delight. In short, here is an author who has not only
done his research but has also ‘been there and done
that’ at the coalface.
As suggested by the title, the benefits and drawbacks of
‘Yelling’ are explored. Alternative strategies for
creating a supportive school/classroom environment are
outlined using an ‘amalgamated’ model of best practice
which includes elements of curriculum, interpersonal
relationships and organisation as they relate to the three
levels of intervention from positive/preventative to
supportive/problem solving and finally the more
intrusive options of response/retrieval.
This valuable resource presents strategies for just about
every contingency imaginable ranging from teacher
expectations, perceptions and common behaviours, the
sources of problem student behaviours, and a variety of
proactive strategies, to a simple hierarchical approach
to intervention in the classroom and playground.
Chapters are also devoted to preventing bullying, the
plight of relief/specialist teachers, helping others to
help themselves, issues pertaining to students with
ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and
survival techniques for teachers.
A CR-ROM consisting of 52 pages of material relating
to the text is included with the book. Some files are
presented as PDF files while others are in HTML
format and thus accessible only via a web browser.
There are two distinct folders: (1) BM Tools provides
checklists, models for planning and specific techniques
for handling difficult situations; (2) Self-evaluation
folder is useful for personal reflection and/or staff
professional development purposes.
Without a doubt, this is one of the most user friendly
books of it’s kind to be released for a long time. It is
well worth a read for even the most seasoned classroom
teacher, pastoral care provider, school counsellor and/or
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